Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

The cleanliness of your restaurant is paramount. A dirty environment can leave a bitter taste in your customers mouth. Our methods ensure your restaurant is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed, you will not see food crumbs on your floor!

From the kitchen to the restaurant floor, our overnight cleaning service ensures you can focus on what you do best, feeding hungry people!



Our workforce has passed high levels of federal security categories and is fully certified in our work place health and safety policies. In addition to this, Clean Brite is fully bonded and insured to completely cover any liability or loss. We pride ourselves upon the trust of our corporate clients. Our impressive track record of trustworthy business has resulted in our clients continually renewing our services.


Our expert workforce is thoroughly trained to be as efficient as possible. Our workforce is diligent and fast; this translates into cost savings for our clients. We have a full network of building supervisors, zone supervisors, and area supervisors who rigorously check our buildings, talk to our cleaners, and visit our clients to make sure that our cleaning schedules are followed.


Clean Brite has been cleaning service leaders for over 35 years. Over our long history we have taken on every type of project, from skyscrapers to small offices we have cleaned them all. As industry specialist we have the expertise our competitors lack.


With unmatched resources and experience, our robust knowledge of chemicals, meticulous procedures and method of specialization ensures that Clean Brite gets every job done correctly and promptly. We provide large company resources, while maintaining the care, attention and customer service of a much smaller company.

Clean Brite Specializes in


  • Customized Cleaning Solutions

    We've cleaned buildings of all sizes and on various schedules

  • Exterior Cleaning

    lean Brite professional cleaners are equipped and trained to safely and discretely make your building shine again.

  • Day Porter Services

    Our day porters are hand-picked and we only hire those who are hard-working & responsible.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Steam cleaning carpets to rejuvenate your property.

  • Hard Surface Floor Care

    Strip and Waxing, Tile and Grout Cleaning. We clean it all.

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